Building brands that make interesting, meaningful contributions to people’s lives.

Our industry spends too much time wasting people’s time. I want to fix that. You too? I probably want to work with you then. I come bullshit-free and with a french accent.


Hello there!

I help turning pioneering ideas into remarkable brands. I believe in making interesting and meaningful contributions to people’s lives, whether by building new or better products and services, or by telling captivating stories.


“Probably the best strategist I've ever met. Whatever that means.”

— My MUM



I'm working both for agencies or brands directly without any preferences as long as we share the same ambition for doing great work. Below are some of the agencies that trusted me in the past few years.


Where to find me

Based out of NYC but available everywhere. I'm always open to helping brands across the country or on the other side of the world. I'm particularly interested in remote and partly-remote work for all non-NYC based businesses. There's nothing I enjoy more in my work than learning and understanding things I'm not familiar with.


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